Car Parking at Grounds

  • Lower Gigg Lane Please could you remind parents who park at the bottom of Gigg Lane that they shouldn't double park. They are double parking on orchid drive now leaving no room for emergency vehicles to enter from either direction.
  • Car parking is limited at close park & the wardens will be out in force on a Saturday & Sunday giving tickets, if illegally parked.
  • Pennine Juniors - Hopwood Hall College Can all visiting parents please park on the main car park at Hopwood Hall and not on the Sports Hall car park, which is reserved for the users of the Sports Hall. Hopwood Hall College site map attached identifying which car parks can be used. MAP.
  • ATTENTION PLEASE Seedfield Sports JFC would like to bring to the attention of all home and visiting teams to the Seedfield site that it is a multi user site. When you arrive at the site there are two car parks at the top of the drive they are NOT for football use. If you follow the driveway there is a large car park to the rear of the buildings that holds around 50 plus cars/vans (it is free). But if you wish to continue parking on the driveway at your own risk you could find that you have a parking ticket or a costly repair as some of you are parked behind the nets. By parking on the driveway you turn it into a one lane driveway some of you would not put up with this out side your homes you never know it may be your child that runs out to retrieve the ball or it may be your car they run in front of (LETS KEEP THE CHILDREN SAFE PLEASE) Rob Greenhalgh Child Welfare Officer Seedfield Sports FC .
  • Woodbank Due to parents from Woodbank/Away teams parking in front of emergency access and blocking the entrance to the lower car park, we have asked Traffic Wardens to monitor the park for parking in none allocated car spaces and issue parking fines. This will also apply to parking on the lane which accesses the park. This is due to ensuring that emergency vehicles can access the park easily. Alternative places to park is the Railway car park. Or Outside of the park going up the hill towards the lights. First left. We do not want people to be fined but our main concern is Emergency access. Please do not park on the grass, none allocated car spaces, disabled spaces or direct access to the park. I am sure if your son/daughter is injured and requires emergency treatment you would want easy access from the emergency services.
  • Unsworth JFC When playing at Unsworth JFC can the away teams please NOT PARK ON EITHER CUNNINGHAM DRIVE OR MERSEY CLOSE, as the local Police will be monitoring the situation and on the spot fines may be issued. We have a large car parking facility available and if drivers showed more consideration and parked cars straight then this would not occur.
  • Oldham Rangers FC/ Chadderton Park & 3 d Dynamoes Please can we put a message on website. Asking parents/refs etc visiting Oldham Rangers FC/ Chadderton Park & 3 d Dynamoes not to park on Elk Mill Retail Park. Private clamping firm issuing £60 fines, rising to £100 to anybody they see parking up for football. Kellymarie Secretary Oldham Rangers FC Under 12’s .
  • Astley Bridge Bees. Car parking at Stapleton Avenue is very limited, people may have to park on OLD KILN LANE and walk round to the ground.
  • Dear visiting Clubs to Close Park, I would like to draw your attention to the additional car park which is situated to the rear of the bowling green and accessed through the barrier near to the Ranger Base. This car park has been installed for use by your clubs, therefore Radcliffe Borough JFC together with Bury Council’s Ranger Service would kindly request that you use it and that you would please respect our neighbours by only using designated parking spaces. Please: Refrain from parking in front of the access barriers as emergency access is required at ALL times Refrain from parking in front of properties along Church Green Refrain from parking across local resident’s drive-ways blocking access Refrain from double parking, restricting access along the main road Refrain from parking on the grassed areas PLEASE REMEMBER - Close Park is a public amenity and open for ALL users to enjoy Many thanks Bury Council’s Ranger Service .
  • Elton & Walshaw JFC matches at Tottington High School · All football cars should be parked in the main school car park located in front of the main school building on Laurel Street. · Alternatively cars can use the public car park also on Laurel Street. · Under no circumstances must cars be parked either on Laurel Street, on the access road to the pitches or on the bus turnaround area.
  • Chadderton Park FC Please find below Parking arrangements at Chadderton Fold for Chadderton Park FC All visiting teams to park on Chadderton Fold on the grass areas adjacent to the pitch, DO NOT park in front of the double gates ( emergency access required at all times ) , DO NOT park in the pub car park, this area is for the home teams. Please try and Car share, we have our own ground which is being developed and we MUST be considerate to the local residents and the landlord of the pub DO NOT block local residents drive ways. DO NOT double park and block the road, otherwise cars will be towed away. Many thanks Chadderton Park under 7's, 8's, 9's and 10's . '
  • Bridge Colts request that ALL visiting teams park only on recognised parking areas at their ground. This includes the Football Pavilion Car Park and the Shopping Precinct Car Park next to Tesco. DO NOT PARK ON THE GRASSED AREAS OFF OF THE MAIN ROAD as you will be likely to receive parking tickets at I believe £60 a ticket, (that would be an expensive Saturday morning out).'
  • PARKING AT LOWER GIGG LANE. To all, Managers, coaches, parents,spectators and visitors. Parking at lower gigg has become once again a real problem, can all managers of the teams notify without fail all of the listed above especially away team visitors.DO NOT DOUBLE PARK , DO NOT PARK ON CURBS, DO NOT PARK ON GRASS VERGES, DO NOT PARK BLOCKING RESIDENTS DRIVEWAYS. council officials and traffic wardens will be present on match days ( Saturdays) until this situation improves. Please, please drive very slowly in and around the gigg lane area and please be respectful and courteous to residents and other road users.More importantly CHILDREN CROSSING THE ROAD, Bury FC Juniors primary objective is for the children to be involved and to enjoy sporting activities. Bury FC Juniors cannot be held responsible for any parking fines and vehicular occurance. Please be aware that parking in the lower gigg lane area is at the vehicle owners risk. Your understanding and co-operation in this matter is much appreciated.
  • BURY AMATEURS AFC - PARKING AT DRINKWATER PARK Can all Clubs visiting Drinkwater Park to playing against Bury Amateurs team PLEASE be aware of the difficulties in parking cars. This is mainly due to both the significant number of teams we are now running AND the way the league fixtures have fallen in that we have an unusually high number of teams at home at the same time every second Saturday. We would ask that visiting clubs SHARE cars wherever possible as the overspill onto ROADS AND PAVEMENTS adjacent to Drinkwater Park is proving to be dangerous to all parties. There is also a real danger that the traffic authorities will begin to take notice with obvious effect as a number of complaints have been made already. Please help us to reduce all of these risks immediately by considering SHARING your car BEFORE you travel to BURY AMATEURS. Thanks Kevin Williams
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